Google’s Pixel 3 could end up not being surprising at all
The Pixel 3 has one of the most hyped smartphones for this year, beating even the new iPhone XS and iPhone XR in terms of hype. The hype is not because of Google's planning revolutionary improvements in this year's flagship, but rather the fact that the leaked photos and videos depict the actual Pixel 3 or not. It's expected that Google could possibly be a completely different smartphone when compared to the leaked concept.

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However, some of the prototypes that have been flooded by the Internet have been referenced once again, showing us the same device. Android Headlines has got access to official renders of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL, unveiling what all colors come in the new pixel come painted in.
For starters, Google will bring in a new pink colour, expected to be called ‘Sand’, on the Pixel 3 series. The standard white and black colours will make a comeback too. In fact, most of the design elements seen on last year’s Pixel 2. The rear panel retains the fingerprint sensor and a single rear camera sensor. The Pixel signature dual tone glass-metal finish also exists. The edges have only been curved slightly this time to make it a little different.
 Sadly, in the front, it’s nothing revolutionary. On the XL, there’s a huge notch sitting on the front with a thick chin, both housing a stereo speaker setup and dual front camera setup. The standard Pixel 3 will flaunt the Pixel 2 XL’s design, albeit with slightly bigger bezels.
With the launch date so close, it will be worthless to hope a different design on the Pixel 3 series. Nonetheless, Google could unravel new mysteries on October 9th, which makes it worthwhile to wait for the vent patiently.