Microsoft Surface Pro: A versatile wonder
This beautiful tablet-laptop is great for serious Windows users but the package is very premium - read expensive

Mala Bhargava If you are a person who uses Microsoft software more than anything else, then you can not completely disappear from Microsoft's computer. Its design was praised, praised and practically doped, the Microsoft Surface tablet-laptop is now in its fifth generation, though it does not use the number 5 on its name and it is called the only surface Pro. A few months ago in February a long time was launched in India, it is an alternative to thin and light hybrid machines from top manufacturers - but it should be warned that the entire package is quite expensive. If you want a top-of-the-line model, you will be set back with the keyboard cover and ₹ 182,999 with the mouse and the pen, which will cost a lot. So why do you believe it?

Everything spells the class on this machine. It means being a premium or a luxury device and looking at it. Our unit was a pearl gray piece in which there was a cover in a dark shadow. Microsoft's logo shines in the stable platinum splendor at the top, especially looking good. This is a clean, contemporary and professional form and why not, because tablet-laptops are likely to appeal to professionals who work with Windows and work with Windows.Surface Pro is so light that you feel it in your weight because you take it in your hand. The ad happens when it is not particularly small. Going from one room to another on the job will be easy enough for any person who can suppress it completely in a closed position, it can bump under one hand. The accomplished portability of a device that does not need to be small to be light, is one of the more attractive features of Microsoft's surface chain.

Drag the tablet and keyboard apart. In fact, it is not without reason that people are angry that there should not be any keyboard included in the package to do something to be a laptop (or almost a laptop). To add a customer to a heavy cost already, ₹ 12,999 has to buy different keyboard parts. This is the same format that Apple comes with its iPad Pro, for which you need to purchase the keyboard cover separately, but the difference is that the iPad is more than a tablet than the surface, which includes the app's vast ecosystem. , Many of which are Microsoft.
Although the keyboard is actually a good one, it is easy to type and there is no problem in working long hours. There is also a very well responsive and full size touch pad. I did not find any evidence available in a series of colors, though.

In laptop mode, you will need to pull beautifully built kickstands on the back of the screen. This strong bit of metal propagates the screen and allows anyone who wants the angle to move. If the screen comes back on a slight inclination, then you might want to use the mouse, and the best in Microsoft has been made so far - but this will cost you extra ₹ 6,399. The arc mouse is in the first impossible flat until you try to fold it into itself. Then it arises, the lights are ready and ready for use. It is composed of soft synthetic material that goes well with the surface.