Secret Keyboard Shortcut Combinations For Windows Computers !
Here are some of the most amazing keyboard shortcuts that can help you to use your computer without mouse. 
Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows Computers

Move +Alt + Print Screen - Contrast 

It will help in rapidly changing your differentiation in the event that you feel that you are not ready to peruse what is composed on the screen. 

Alt + Tab - Switch between Windows applications 

It is helpful to working with a ton of uses in the meantime. 

Windows key + L - Lock the framework 

In the event that you are leaving the framework and you don't need others to utilize it then this alternate route encourage your concern. 

Windows key + U - Shut down the PC 

You need to rapidly close down your framework then it is useful. 

Windows key + R - Restart the PC 

This alternate way us extremely supportive restart your PC without mouse. 

Windows Key + D - Minimize all Windows 

In the event that you have opened numerous Windows on the work area and after that you need to go to work area immediately then it is smarter to utilize this alternate way. 

Windows key + F - Find Files 

It is extremely useful to look through the documents. 

Ctrl + Shift + T - Reopen past taba in program 

On the off chance that by botch you have shut your past tab and now you need to go there then it is useful to you. 

Alt + S - Send email 

This alternate route accommodating to send letters. 

These are the a few easy routes for Windows. It might assist you with using your PC without mouse. 

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