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Samsung's phone maker Samsung's phone is a very good phone in the low price, this phone has given many features that you used to see in expensive phones, let's know about its price and features. In.

If you look at the specialty of this smartphone, you will get 5.6 full HD display. In detail, if you tell the 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage. If the camera is talked about, then the primary camera of 13 mega pixels is available and the 8 mega pixels selfie camera is available. The 3000mAh battery has been used to provide enough power to the smartphone. Exynos 7 chipset has been given to reduce the speed of smartphones.
Samsung's phone was introduced in India at the price of 14990, but the cost of this phone has dropped significantly and now you can buy this phone only in ₹ 12,490.Of the guys if you like our post then our Also comment on the share of the share, please do not forget the follower partner and give your valuable vote in the comment box

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