Best answer: With the average reading and speed of writing, Samsung EVO selection is an excellent choice for your Raspberry P. Get the 128 GB model for the best price, but you have to buy it from Amazon.

EVO selection is really fast

Raspberry Pie runs the entire OS directly from the MicroSD card so that the card is needed quickly. The EVO selection by Samsung is capable of reading speeds up to 100 Mbps and the speed of up to 90 Mbps. Generally these speeds are reserved for 4K video recording, but making them available for PI can only be a good thing, especially if you are using Raspberry Pi with a server or a large number of operations.

I use my Raspberry Pi as a controller for my 3D printer. Using an operating system called Octoprint, my Raspberry Pie is running 24 hours a day because it controls and records my 3D print. EVO Selects works great for keeping the octoprint software running and keeping enough space to store HD recordings. (It is also easy to get Windows IOT core and to run on Raspberry Pi.)

There are many size options

There are four sizes available for you to choose from with 32 GB options, starting as low as $ 32. I like the 128 GB version because it gives the highest value of GB memory per copy, but you may want to purchase many small cards so that you can install different OS on each so that you actually get more profit from your Raspberry PI Possible.

EVO selection comes in 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB options, all of which have the same high speed data transfer and money for the same value.

You can buy it only from Amazon

As a word of warning: You can only buy EVO select MicroSD card in Amazon. EVO Selection is a redistribution of EVO Plus, and it is unique to Amazon and has all the features like EVO Plus.

Amazon is still a great place to buy MicroSD card, and if you are already a staple member, then you will free two-day shipping. If you really need your MicroSD card as soon as possible, then one-day shipping is only $ 3.99 extra, so you can start directly with your Raspberry PI.
best sd card for raspberry pi 3 2017 Is Samsung EVO Select a good memory card for Raspberry Pi?
Fast & Cheap is a winning combo

Only $ 29, select Samsung EVO 128 GB MicroSD is a great value card for all your Raspberry PI3+ needs. Faster writing and speed are sliced ​​on the cake, making your pie run at top speed at all times.