If the crime is sophisticated then there are preventive measures and awareness campaigns too. Up to 2.5 million penalties from prison sentence, cyber criminals are heavily punished in the United Arab Emirates. Police officials in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have launched several platforms where people can file online complaints, and the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) is specially organizing an awareness campaign for young generations.

For example, in May of this year, Dubai Police has registered an online forum e-crime for members of the public to report cyber crimes. Launched. These include suspicious emails, issues related to social media, internet calls, hacking, online bullying and cyber-deformation. Colonel Saeed Al-Hajari, director of Dubai Police Cyber ​​Crime Department said that there are some simple steps involved in submitting the report.

"Users must first determine whether the complaint relates to cyber crime or online service, and then enter their Emirates ID and contact number, confirm their number through text message, fill some personal details, and then The details of the complaint will be required, "he explained in detail.

He said that the service will provide "accurate and effective measure of cyber crime", and the number of complaints filed by the public will increase on a new platform.

Awareness Campaign

According to a report on the left, Abu Dhabi Police has warned people about fraud messages on social media applications such as WhatsApp, which emulate trademark and trusted websites. It is being done for the purpose of stealing personal information, such as user names, passwords, credit card numbers and other information that can cause problems for users, to track and catch the criminals. Need to report.

The Security Information Administration of the CommandShap Affairs Sector said that through information received by the 'Aman' service, they were able to track the operation of complex telephone fraud where fraudsters were able to steal Whatsapp accounts of their victims. These accounts are then used for other cyber crimes, including fake raffle rewards. The administration urged social media users to secure their accounts, so it can not be used by others in electronic crimes.

According to information provided by the Dubai Police website Dubai Police website, from this year 1 September to 30 September Dubai Police is conducting cyber crime awareness campaign. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of both young people and parents, who ask for precautions while sharing data and photos on the Internet to avoid crimes like blackmail and misuse of information.

Reach the youth

In order to reach the young people, the TRA recently launched the 'Emirates Cyber ​​Ambassador Initiative' as part of its information security awareness campaign, aimed at training elite students in the schools of the UAE to represent the team. Ambassador United Arab Emirates in promoting and spreading cyber security awareness for

The initiative focuses on three focus areas - to provide safe e-culture training for selected 14 to 18 year olds selected in selected schools; To improve presentation skills; And to raise awareness of the best security practices among the public.

Mohammad Ghiath, executive director of information security regulatory affairs, said: "With the UAE Vision 2021 to promote a safe electronic lifestyle in the United Arab Emirates, we started the pilot phase of Cyber ​​Security Ambassador Initiative in February this year. Workshops were for students to join the list of cyber security ambassadors for their performance and value of readiness


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